Complete your holiday enjoyment by using the spa services of our hotel. Indulge in a journey of revitalization and mental relaxation enjoying the beneficial effects of massage treatment, under the most safe conditions. Combine the sea and sun senative contact with the body and facial special care and treatment offered by our qualified personnel, selecting a program that meets your needs.





1. “Rejuvance” massage 30’ - A supreme holistic approach to a natural face lift. This revolutionary antiwrinkle method works on the connective tissues of the face as well as the meridian lines.

2. Hydrating face massage 45’ - A unique experience of rejuvenation and relaxation in minimum time.

3. “Ice – effect” Face massage 60’ - A flawless skin brightening experience with outstanding firming results. Visible results from the first session.

4. Lifting “Kobido” massage 60’ - An ancient Japanese massage technique which increases blood circulation, allow oxygen to flow through the tissues, leaving the skin tightened and firm.



1. Cretan massage 75’ - A profound massage from top to toes based on Cretan olive oil, orange extracts and raki. A travel back in time through the ancient techniques of this massage, giving revitalization and balance to your body and soul.

2. Deep Relaxation massage 60’ - A deeply relaxing massage for the entire body and head, enriched with special essential oils. Ideal for those who are under a lot of tension, suffer from insomnia or seek to enjoy the experience of a deep, restful sleep.

3. Anti-stress massage 60΄ - Mild pressure full body massage for stress relief and balance. It’s a total relaxation and rejuvenation of spirit and senses.

4. Deep tissue massage 60΄ - Ιntense full body massage that treats muscle pain and reduces stiffness. A powerful experience designed to improve flexibility and blood pressure.

5. Back, Neck & Scalp massage 45΄ - Advanced massage techniques used to ease away the stress and strain caused by daily life. In particular, it relieves tension headaches and encourage relaxation.

6. Body Sculptor massage 45’ - This massage stimulates blood circulation and sculpts the body to specific areas, mainly targets the area of abdominals and legs.

7. Bronzing Massage 45’ - An ideal full body experience which prepares the skin before exposure to the sun for an even tan.

8. “Tailor made” massage 30΄ - A personalized treatment for all ages. This tailor made massage is based on your needs and requests.



1. Aegeo Spas Ritual Massage 90’ - A unique experience that you can find only in Aegeo Spas across Greece. This exquisite combination includes a bespoke massage with blended oils suitable to your needs. Make this journey your own destination.

2. Minoan’s Ancient Massage 90’ - Your journey to ancient Crete has just started. A combination of Cretan herbs and traditional Greek techniques heals and rejuvenate the body. Free your mind and your spirit. Let yourself give in, to the warmth and the exotic aromas of this traditional massage.





The Wellness Centre of the Hotel comprises also a Gym with Steam Bath, Sauna and Whirlpool Bath for promoting your health and beauty through active and passive treatment of your body.

Unfortunately, for the 2020 season, the wellness center will not operate, due to COVID-19.  








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